Monday, October 12, 2009

Sewing Machine Woes - Help!

Looks like my Softie for Mirable project just took a back seat....the sewing machine decided it's had enough!! Noooooooooo!

The feed dog that feeds the fabric under the presser foot isn't moving. And I wasn't even sewing through thick fabric. Any suggestions?

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Dinner at Nobu

2 weeks into my new job and to celebrate my first paycheck, we went to Nobu at the casino to have a nice dinner. The food was a bit pricey but very yummy! The pictures speak for themselves!

Entree was a beef tataki with ponzu sauce and garlic chips

I had a melt in your mouth black cod with miso sauce (although this was quite expensive given the size)

D had a prawn and lobster something-or-other

And we had sake in this absolutely adorable wooden box called a 'masu'. I came so close to sneaking it in my bag and taking it home!!!

But the piece de resistance of the night was the dessert...

These are a kind of doughnut filled with chocolate in the was absolutely DIVINE. The chocolate was warm and gooey and really cocoa-y (if there's such a word). Mmm....I'm getting goosebumps just thinking of it...mmm.

Here's the picture of the uber delicious centre...wait for it....


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I miss crafting days

I sure miss my long days of crafting. Between my new job, looking for a house to buy and weekend work, time is not on my side. So hopefully all of this wonderful bag bits that came in the mail (1 week thanks to unreliable Australia Post) posted and chased up with Australia Post by the lovely Leah from Nicole Mallalieu Design will spur me on to squeeze in more time for crafting!

Apologies for the poor picture quality. That's been the bane of my life lately. Downlights are awesome mood lighting but really crappy for photo taking. (I'm still procrastinating about making that lightbox. But that's another story for another day).

Oh and this came in the mail for me today!!! The inaugural edition of the 'Made it' recipe zine. I won it in a giveaway by Mixtape...I NEVER win anything. Never Ever. I'm deliriously excited...maybe a tad more than what would be considered normal. But I'm going to bask in it for a while!

There are so many awesome recipes in here from salads, soups and starters to mains and desserts (my favourite). This came just in time for our housewarming this weekend...I think I'm going to try the raspberry lemon meringue pie, Philly cream cheese log and the lemon butter potatoes. Yummy!!

It sure feels good to blog again.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Fabric Galore!

I'm starting my new job tomorrow after a hiatus of 3 months. I'm already missing full crafting days with the sun streaming in and Mr Mu by my side and afternoon TV. But I at least I'll have something to fund my craft projects with!

So I decided that while I have the time I should re-stock on my supplies and I went to Amitie in Bentleigh to get more fabric yesterday. OK, I should have known that just 'going to get fabric' without a clear and proper plan on what projects I have in mind was probably a tad foolish. And boy did I know that as soon as I stepped into the store. There was sooooo much awesome fabric I was just like a deer in headlights! I wanted to buy half the shop...cloth for one project, coordinating fabric, more for another hang on...which project was I doing with with again? Pink or green?? Does this match with this? And what matches with that?? Which project? You get the point.

So it was not surprising that I was stuck there for almost an hour and a half!!! But anyway I did manage to make up my mind in the end.

 Day 1

 And then, today I decided that I should go and get some of that fantastic oilcloth they had in the window that I was um-ing and ah-ing about, so I made ANOTHER trip today and bought a bit more but only a bit.  I absolutely love the cherry blossom one. I can't walk past anything with cherry blossoms on them.

Day 2
I ended up making a simple lunch bag with the oilcloth...the lining is also oilcloth which makes spills easier to clean up. Think I might make a pencil case another project that has become a victim of my procrastination or another bag with the other black oilcloth that I bought that's not in the picture. I love the romantic design on the fabric.

So I'm all ready to start my new job tomorrow!! With lunch in my new lunch bag! Now I just need the pencil case to complete the package...

*sigh* it sure feels good to satisfy an addiction.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Sushi USB

I came across these awesome sushi USB drives by robotbaby on Etsy and they're so cute!! I love sushi and I can't live without my USB...what a great idea! Maybe I should get one...the colourful one is my favourite!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

To Stall or Not to Stall

I've been thinking of maybe having a stall at one of the craft markets lately. Especially with the Made in Thronbury market that's just happened this past weekend, and seeing all these really awesome pictures of the fantastic craft that people make. These are just some of the talented and creative people whose blogs I follow, Flickettysplits, Mrs Beckinsale (her tram cushions are cute as a button!), Curlypops who were also at the Made in Thornbury market.

So while looking at these amazing handcrafts always inspires me, I'm a bit nervous!! Am I ready to take the plunge??

Monday, September 7, 2009

Blogging Baffles

I'm a bit confused and frustrated by this blogging business at the moment...Not sure why Google doesn't seem to pick up my blog??!! Even after I've made sure all the settings are right. Arggh!!! And maybe I'm being a bit pedantic (or OCD) but I have this whole idea in my head about how I'd like my blog to look and Google is NOT LETTING ME FULLY CUSTOMISE IT!!!

Oh well....either I'm going to have to let some of my obsessive compulsions go...or D's going to get roped in to do some extra computery work. Incidentally, that'll go onto the list of stuff that he's kindly offered to help me with, like transferring patterns onto cardboard (which I absolutely hate doing). Think I might be running out of favours soon...better think of a nice way to say thank you!!